WATCH: Cocky Biker Goes To Thrash A 57 Chevy Bel Air Instead Gets A Face Full Of Dirt!

Suzuki puts out the SV650 motorcycle and its always had somewhat of a cult following to it.

Theyre quick and a blast to ride. Here we have a SV650 going up against a 59-year-old car and its probably going to be painful to see the results, right? Nobody likes seeing a classic car like this get whooped. Well, hold on. Youll want to check this out to see how this actually does go down! If youre a classic car fan you are going to be proud!

How this is even possible, Im not sure. A hefty 57 Bel Air dusting out a modern day motorcycle? Well theres some mods done to this Chevy and believe it or not the thing is able to fly because of them.

Check out this motorcycle cam footage and watch what goes down!

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